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The Belleview Biltmore

Belleview Biltmore Resort
Investigation Report

Pensacola Paranormal Society Investigation

October 4th, 2008

Belleview Biltmore Resort
Clearwater, FL

Investigators Present:
Rick, Sharon, John, Alex, Evan, Marlene, Tory, Nick, Nicole, Kathy, and Angie

Guests: April, Brent, and Jen

Environment Conditions
Weather: Hot, high humidity, surrounding thunderstorms not in vicinity. Approximately 80 degrees.
EMF Base Readings: 0.0 to 0.3

Pensacola Paranormal Society’s investigation of the Bellview Biltmore Resort began at 9:00pm and ran till 3:00am. The entire team was staying at the resort, which made traveling from our room to the investigation area very convenient. We initially met at the restaurant to go over the night's plan and have something to eat.

Our investigation included the use of digital cameras, EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) detectors, audio recording devices, and the 4 IR camera DVR system. In addition to the scientific equipment, our team also included several psychics.

We broke into four teams with a different team investigating an area of the building. All teams switched areas every 45 minutes. We opted to not have a team monitor the DVR equipment so we could better cover all the areas of the building. (This was a mistake as we had several pranksters unplug the DVR system.)Bellview Biltmore Basement

The areas we investigated were the 4th and 5th floors, as well as the basement. Portions of the 4th floor were closed to the general public for remodeling as much of the area had exposed walls, floors, and crawl spaces. The entire 5th floor, or the entire 5th floor area we investigated, was completely unused and was similar in appearance to the 4th floor. There was no power on the 4th or 5th floors, nor was there any water. The basement was still in use as a utility corridors, storage, and limited office space.

EMF baseline readings in the 5th and 6th floor were within normal ranges. The basement area was completely saturated with EMF due to power and utility lines. Normal EMF readings are 0.0 to 0.5, but the basement was experiencing 50.0+ readings.

All areas that we investigated were saturated with dust particles due to the remoding. Photos were plagued with false orbs, and our investigation did not return any usable images. (Please note that our guest rooms were immaculate and very, very clean.)

We cBiltmore Stairwellaptured several interesting EVP sessions during the investigation including voices and unexplainable noises. Please see the Biltmore Investigation EVP section for evidence.

We experienced extreme battery drain throughout the 4th and 5th floors. Five sets of walkie-talkies died, IR and LED flashlights, cell phones, voice recorders quit functioning due to drained batteries. This was a suprise, as we normally loose one or two pieces of equipment, but this was much more than normal.

Six voice recorders simply did not record, even though we checked several of the recorders during the investigation to ensure they were still functioning correctly. The failures were not caused by battery drain or operator error.

Our team member's EMF detectors spiked throughout the 4th and 5th floors, and were coroberated by other member's detectors. There were no electrical devices in these areas.

One room where our DVR IR camera was placed, completely blacked out the camera's vision. We suspected that the camera's IR lights had some sort of malfunction and placed a battery operated, hand-held IR flashlight in the room. The addiitional light solved the problem and we continued with our investigation. Shortly after leaving, the hand-held IR flashlight stopped working. We moved the DVR IR camera to the hallway and it began operating correctly. We determined that the hand-held IR flashlight's battery was drained. In the morning after the investigation, the battery was completely fine and the flashlight worked correctly although we had done nothing to fix the problem.

Most of the members of the team had some type of personal experience. Some of the paranormal things we experienced:

  • Saw shadow people
  • Experienced cold spots
  • Whispers and disembodied voices
  • Sensations of dizzyness and nauseau
  • Feelings of sadness and depression
  • Sparkles of light and movement
  • Unexplainable smells of cigar and tobacco

The psychic members of our team had some incredible experiences. Following are excerpts from their reports.

"Immediately after arrival at the hotel at aprox. 4:45pm, I opened the door to my room and opened my phone to call home and tell them that I arrived safely. My phone went from fully charged to dead. I decided to put the phone on charge and settle in until dinner time. I locked the door, crossed the room and grabbed the remote. I layed down on the bed and turned on the T.V. then I heard the door click and open up. I ran to the door to try to catch whoever was playing a trick and no one was there. I had the key in my pocket and the door had been unlocked."

"Found a young boy in the corner - he said his name was Jack. He lived there as long as he could remember. He didn't know how old he was, but he had lost a tooth. He liked bread pudding with raisins and his mom was going to bring some back when she was done working. The security guard was walking past and scared him off."

"First encountered a man in a hat and suit - tobacco colored - wanted to purchase one of us for his pleasure - began to follow us and pulled his penis out insisting he wanted the "little one." I didn't feel he was malevolent at the time just persistent.
We all heard footsteps that could not be reproduced by the other team up Bellview Biltmore Hallwaystairs - we couldn't hear them when we asked them to stomp on the floor. Energy began to pick up. We felt like we were being followed."

"I saw a woman in a red corset leaning against the wall down the hallway, she was smoking a cigarette. "

"I saw an older man, 50-60, with a wrinkled face. He wore a pleasent smile, but I could feel him and knew that it was only a mask. I felt that he used his smile to get people close."

"We went up to the room where the lady was leaning against the wall - she told me this was her room and for her male friends. We went in the room felt almost like it was off balance - Marlene saw a woman in the bathtub - I saw shadow people through the next room. It began to feel really strange - a lot of energy. We didn't want to stay in the room and I didn't want to go out into the hallway. We decided not to go to the end, although we were very close. We were being hit by energy balls and Marlene and April were feeling touched. There was a lot of energy and we began to hear someone crying and arguing we could not find the human cause to it. The energy was getting strong and we were being touched, for me it was the stomach, breast and butt. We decided it was time to go down."

On the 5th floor (the area closed to the public), one member of our psychic team was phsyically thrown against a wall and her hands were held above her head. She felt someone had closed their hands around her throat. Several members of the team pulled her from the wall and the attack stopped. Luckily, she had only suffered minor side pain and bruising over the next few days. (We have noticed that the psychics in our team tend to get the brunt of physical activity, probably because the entities know the psychics can sense them.)


Our investigation of the Bellview Biltmore Resort was simply amazing. The resort employees were very gracious, polite and attentive. The resort itself is a masterpiece and stands as a glowing tribute of American history.

While we did not capture a "smoking gun" piece of evidence, we did however leave with a clear and unanimous throught of the Biltmore: This place is definitely haunted.


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