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Paranormal Information
Welcome to our collection of Paranormal Guides, Articles, and Ghostly Stories.
We hope you enjoy your stay.



Did You Just Feel That?
Is your fine china part of a secret paranormal ballet?
There might be more to it that you thought.

Smartphone Ghosts
Techniques to foil the Smartphone Ghost Apps.

Low-Tech Ghost Hunting Tools and Techniques
You don't need a FLIR to spot a spirit.

False Positives
Ghostly activity or just a bug? See samples and learn to distinguish the real from the fake.

Electronic Voice Phenomena 101
Learn to record and listen to voices and sounds from those who have passed.

EMF Detectors: 101
The basics on Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detectors.

Ten Easy Steps to Determine if You're Haunted
Feel like something might be around, but not sure how to tell?



Keeping Your Space Clean of Negative Spirits
Simple methods for keeping the nasties at bay.

Protection During Investigations
How to protect yourself and your fellow investigator during an investigation.

Black Salt
A basic form of protection from negative and evil energy.

Cleansing Your Space
A heavy duty method for removing spirits.

Choosing a Psychic
How to select a reputable intuitive.



Our Favorite Haunts
Locations that we feel are haunted, plus alot of fun to investigate.

Possessed Possessions
What happens when an item you bought is more than you thought?

Three Types of Haunts
Read about the 3 basic types of hauntings.

Ghost Vs. Apparition: The Subtle Difference
Use the correct word for that thing floating in front of you.


True Ghost Stories

The Haunted Duplex
Sometimes, they don't want to leave.


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