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Possessed Possessions
By Sharon Renae, Spiritual Counselor

Many people might say, “I don’t believe in ghosts,” or “I’ve never seen a ghost.” But just maybe you have...

When I was a small child I would see “ghosts” all the time, only I didn’t know they were ghost, until my cousin informed me I was hanging out with “dead” people! Yikes, I ran screaming from my dead playmates, because dead meant not alive!

In my experience ghosts, or hauntings can be acknowledged in many different ways. As an echo (memory) of something etched into a specific time, perhaps someone continuing to “live” where they died and for whatever reason they did not cross over.

The story I am going to share is based on what I call “possessed possessions.” These are material “things” that contain an echo, or a very possessive energy. I usually come across these at antique stores, estate sales and flea markets.

While living in Sierra Vista, Arizona, I used to love to go to Bisbee and go antique shopping. Bisbee was considered to be one of the biggest cities in the west during its heyday. Now it is only a small town with a lot of memories.  One Saturday we were in my favorite shop, when I suddenly stopped, because I heard someone screaming and crying. I asked my husband if he heard it and he said “No, but I feel real dizzy.” (My husband gets dizzy when there are “ghostly” energies around.)

I was drawn to an antique bedroom suite. There was screaming all around it, I visually saw images of a woman being beat up and hair being pulled by a man. Upset by the feeling we left the store.  We went into another store and as I was walking to look at a plate and long dark haired apparition appeared and pushed me out of the way. She was definitely seeing after her “things” and didn’t want me around!  We left, this time going home!

The next week I was getting my nails done and talking with my nail-tech about the incidents. Another customer over-heard me talking about the furniture, and turned a pale shade of green.  She had asked if I had seen it a particular store and described the furniture to me in detail. Yep, that was it.

She said they had bought it on Sunday for her 9-year-old daughter. They had brought it home and put it in the garage because they had plans to refinish it. That night as her husband was sitting alone watching television, he heard a women screaming as if she were in fear. He checked his wife and daughter, they were sound asleep and he went outside to see if it were neighbors. He didn’t see or hear anything.  Puzzled he sat back down.

It happened again. Again he found nothing. He sat down, turned off the television, since he wasn’t sure if it might be the cable messing up. He heard it again, and followed the sound. It was coming from the garage!

The next morning they returned the furniture.  Since it was a consignment shop they would have to sell it, since all sells were final. He said he didn’t care, but wanted to put an “it’s haunted” tag on it, because he didn’t want someone putting it in their child’s room like they had planned.

When the owner went into the back a salesperson came up to them and said, “You are the third couple to bring this back this month!

Sharon Renae is a professional psychic residing in Navarre Florida. She holds weekly channeling sessions and is available for private readings. For more information contact her at 850-939-3806 or


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