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Answers to frequently asked questions we receive.


1. What software do you use to review your EVPs?

We use Wavepad by NCH Software. This software is great, free, and does the job. They also offer a professional version of Wavepad which you can purchase from their website.

2. Where are some places in Pensacola that I can do my own paranormal investigating? Think of these places as investments, the longer they stay intact the more knowledge we can gain of the paranormal world. Important Notes

There are several good places to do your own research. Prior to investigating a private location, it's important to receive permission from the property owner. If you're investigating a cemetery or other old historical location, please be gentle with the environment - it's important that we keep these important sites intact.


  • Seville Quarter is a good starting location. Our psychics have reported entities and other paranormal happenings in the courtyard, ladies restroom, and outside the front area of the buildings.
  • We've had experiences at the Pensacola Victorian Bed and Breakfast including shadows, voices as well as objects moving. Our psychics have also seen spirit activity.
  • The TT Wentworth Museum and Museum of Industry are excellent locations to do a little research. A part of the Historic Pensacola Village, the museums are open during the day. You may want to be discreet during your investigation of these areas as not everyone is open to the possibility of "Ghost After Death."

Check back as we will be adding new locations to this list.

3. What kind of equipment do you use during your investigations?

Our equipment includes IR cameras, Digital Video Recorders, Digital Voice Recorders, EMF detectors, motion sensors, parabolic microphones, Radiation Sensors, temperature gauges, hand-held Van De Graaff generators, and of course, flashlights.

4. I know of a location that might be haunted. Can I ask you about it?

Defintely. We keep a database of different locations that have been reported haunted. If you have any information that might help others, please feel free to send it to us.

5. How much do you charge to conduct an investigation at my house?

We do not charge for our investigations. We conduct our investigations as a service to the community and to futher the understanding of the paranormal.

6. Why do you have an age restriction on your membership?

It's important to show respect and honor to those who have passed, and sometimes the only way to understand that is with age.

7. My friends and I had a party the other night, and my boyfriend dragged out the Ouija Board. Things have been creepy since then and I was wondering if there is anything we can do to fix it?

The first step is not to use the Ouija Board unless you know what you're doing. Parties usually involve drinking and possibly drugs, and that just adds to the problem. It's best just to leave it in the closet.

If you've already done the deed, and feel that your home is a little heavier feeling than before, you may want to discard the board. It may be acting as a portal to other energies.

Try cleansing your space with White Sage, or try another method with Epsom Salt and Rubbing Alcohol. Clearly state, either out loud or with your inside voice, that their presence is not acceptable, and they need to leave now. Make it clear that this is your home.

8. Are you an active group? I see that you have had anything new added to the front page in a while.

Yes, we are active. We meet about every 2 weeks, and conduct private investigations several times a month. We typically only post new updates on the front page for articles or investigations that we feel are interesting to the public. (Note that we never post information about private investigations.)

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