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Our Favorite Haunts

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Our Favorite Haunts

Being in the oldest settlement in the United States, Pensacola and the Northwest area of Florida are full of mysterious and spooky locations. We've collected a few of our favorite haunts and listed them below.

Blakeley State Park

Cobb Cemetery

Coon Hill Cemetery

Fort Pickens

The Haunted Mortuary (New Orleans)

The Pensacola Lighthouse

St. John's Cemetery
(Located in downtown Pensacola, Florida we
recommend this cemetery for those who are new to ghost hunting.)


A few words to the would-be ghost hunter:

1. Never enter private property without permission.

2. Bring a friend for safety.

3. Always check the area during the day so you have a good lay-of-the-land.

4. Safety first.


Reported Haunted Locations

These are locations which we have not investigated ourselves,
but have had reports of paranormal activity which are plausable and are
worth further investigation.

Old Sacred Heart Hospital
(The first 3 floors of this historic building are open to the public and many historic items are on display. Please do not adventure above the 3rd floor.)

Pensacola Museum of Commerce

Seville Quarter
(The lady's restroom has been reported to be haunted.)


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