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The Three Types of Hauntings

Cultures from all around the world have different views of how to classifiy different hauntings. We at the Pensacola Paranormal Society use the following classifications when identifing spirits.

Residual Haunting
This type of haunting is easy to classify in that the entity does not interact with the living. The events surrounding the spirit appear to be played back as though they are part of a recording. Repetition is the key here because the events are usually on a set schedule, or a key thing will trigger the event (such as a full moon, or the use of an object.) The entity won't notice you and will not interact with you. The universe is made of energy, and many believe that the universe records events within objects. For example, a murder may be recorded in a room where it occurred. This event would then play back through the energy stored in the room.

Because there is no real interaction, anyone witnessing a residual haunting is in no danger.

Intelligent Haunting
The Intelligent Haunting involves an entity which interacts with it's environment and shows signs of logic or understanding. They may include full body apparitions, or may simply show small signs such as a pen moving, a phone ringing, or the scent of roses. Intelligent Hauntings are usually the result of a human who has passed. The spirit may be earth-bound, meaning they remain on earth, or they may be non-earth-bound, meaning that they have passed to another realm.

Typically, these types of spirits are non-intrusive and are merely letting the living know they are still alive. Sometimes, they are pranksters, and other times they can become slightly violent.

Non-Human Haunting
These are beings which not human, and may be more aggressive in their activites than a human spirit. Sometimes referred to Demons, it is important to keep your distance from these beings. Do not Fear them, but do respect them as you would a flame or wild animal. New comers to the ghost investigation field unknowingly cause problems in these cases by using "Talking Boards" or dark magic.

These types of cases can be very dangerous, and must be approached with the highest good intent. Seek experienced assistance in non-human hauntings.

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