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Ten Easy Steps to Determine if You're Haunted
By John Kritzski

How do I know if I am experiencing paranormal activity at my home or business?

It is believed that over 80% of “paranormal activity” can be explained by natural occurrences or other scientific reasons.  However, there are certain tell tale signs that you may look for to determine the possibility that you are experiencing something extraordinary.

The most reported occurrences can be categorized as follows:

Shadows, Unexplained Mists or Smoke Like Matter, Orbs (illuminated spheres visible by the naked eye or in pictures),

Foot Steps, Floors Creaking, Doors Opening or Closing, Doorknobs Rattling, Voices

Lights Coming On or Off, Appliances Turning On or Off, Television and or Radios Operating Out of the Ordinary

Faucets Turning On or Off, Toilets Flushing by Themselves

The Feeling of Being Watched or Followed, Reoccurring Sickness or Depression in Certain Areas, Vertigo or Feelings of Dizziness and Pressure

Cold Spots:
Noticeable Temperature Changes in Certain Rooms or Areas, Cold Drafts or Chills in Areas that are Not Effected by Windows or Ventilation

Children’s or pet’s reactions:
Young Children Complaining of Visitors in the Night or Seeing “Invisible Friends”, Pet’s Barking at Certain Areas or Refusing to Enter a Certain Area

The Smell of Tobacco Smoke in Non-Smoking Areas, Smell of Perfume or Flowers or Musty Smells that Come and Go

Physical Contact:
Being Pushed, Pulled or Scratched.  Feelings of Being Touched Lightly or Hair Being Touched.

Movement of Objects:
Seeing Objects Move in Real Time Seemingly by Themselves, Finding Objects Moved or Misplaced When No One Has Had Access to the Area, Finding Coins or Feathers Placed in Odd Areas of the Home, Pictures Found Laying Flat or Crooked on the Wall.

John Kritzski is a member of the Pensacola Paranormal Society, and one heck of a tool salesman.

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