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Protection During Investigations
Protect yourself and your fellow Investigators during an investigation.
By Sharon Renae

It's easy to get caught up during an investigation and not realize that something is wrong. Here are a few simples steps that you can take to help ensure your safety and those around you.

1. Keep hydrated.
2. Ensure you are well rested.
3. If you are sick, do not investigate.
4. No alcohol or drugs (anything that induces a feeling of floating.)
5. Eat before the investigation so you are not hungry.
6. Always have a partner with you.
7. Visit the investigation location during the day to identify safety issues.
8. If you have a special protection piece, be sure to have it.
9. Opening Prayer of Protection and End Prayer.
Some women are more in-tuned during pregnancy. Pay attention to any and all feelings. Never enter areas considered unsafe during pregnancy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind during an investigation.

1. Stay with your team leader. Do not wander off, as this may contaminate other team’s data.
2. Report all occurrences to your team leader. This would include things like slamming a door, smelling perfume, seeing Elvis, etc. Make a note of the event and include it in your post-investigation report.
3. Keep talking and use of walkie-talkies to an absolute minimum.
4. Please turn off your cell (or turn to vibrate.) Cell phones and walkie-talkies can cause certain EMF meters to spike.
5. Do not channel, call, or cast any spells. Do not demand or request spirits show themselves. PPS does not condone the use of taunting.
6. It's important not to release the results of an investigation prior to reviewing the data. You must have a chance to objectively look at all the information before making a decision.
7. Never investigate a private location without written permission from the property owner or some other authority. Make sure you have this with you during the investigation.

Safety protocols during negative encounters

There may be a time during an investigation when a fellow investigator becomes a vessel for an evil entity. It rarely happens (PPS hasn't encountered this situation...knock-on-wood), but it's important to keep a level head during this time. Here are a few steps that will help you through the event.

1. Call on your God, guides or angels for protection.
2. If someone is feeling apprehensive about an area don’t take them into it. Stop let them get their bearings and see if they can continue. There is a difference with nervous fear to feeling threatened.
3. If you feel you are being touched or threatened inappropriately – proclaim “STOP”. Tell your team and if it continues or worsens leave the area and go to command center. PPS Investigating Church
4. DO NOT stay if you feel that you or any member may be threatened or harmed.
5. If Leads say an area is not safe for certain individuals it's important to stay clear of that area.
6. Follow the orders of Team Lead and Senior Investigators even if you don’t understand why. One of their responsibilities is to ensure the safety of team members, and typically have more experience. Heed their warnings and listen.
7. If at any point the Leads determines there are demonic or evil spirits, the investigation will switch to an equipment/scientific investigation.
8. Always call for help if you feel someone is possessed or demonic forces are present.
9. Do your best to maintain a connection with your team member, call their name and tell them to come back.
10. DO not leave them until qualified team members arrive. If you can remember, call on Archangel Michael to remove this entity from this person. It is important that you believe the light can extinguish the darkness.
11. Depending on the situation you may be requested to leave or stay. This team must stay put, unless radio is not working and there is need to go get help.
12. Once the call for help is made, it is mandatory that other investigating members return to command central, regardless of any other activity.
13. All investigating members will return to command central and team leads will proceed to active area.
14. Remain at the command center until Leads give the all-clear signal.

Rosemary / Cedarwood
These oils are considered to offer protective and consecrating properties. It's easy to make a spritzer for these powerful essential oils. Use of these oils should only be done during dangerous situations, as the scent from the oil may throw off fellow investigators.

Sharon Renae is a professional psychic residing in Navarre Florida. She holds weekly channeling sessions and is available for private readings. For more information contact her at 850-939-0605 or

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