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Keeping Your Space Clean of Negative Spirits
Simple methods for keeping the nasties at bay.

We're often asked how we keep our home cleansed and the spirits away. The method I'm going to describe doesn't use the industrial strength technique used with the Heavy Cleansing technique where pie pans are set on fire to help clear the space. The methods and steps I'm going to describe can be used on a daily basis with no fear of starting the kitchen curtains on fire.

Bells and High Pitched Tones

Bells and high tones have been used for many years to help clear the energy of negativity, and helps to keep the energy flowing in a space. Many religions use bells in just this manner to help blockages and open the spiritual consciousness. To use a bell, simply walk through your home and, yes, ring the bell. It has a surprisingly powerful effect on the energy and mood of a home.

Incense and Smudging

Smudging is a Native American ritual that has been used for many years. Dried herbs such as cedar, sage and sweetgrass are dried and then bundled together tightly to form a "smudge stick." Sage WandThe end of the smudge stick is set on fire and then quickly extinguished to allow a "smoking" effect in the area. Walking through the house, saying a private or verbal prayer is known to clean a space of negative energy.

Incense can be used in a similar fashion. An incense stick can be set to smolder for an hour in an area which seems heavy or dark with energy. Candles also have a similar effect although they do not seem to provide quite the same effect as a smudge stick or incense.

Living Plants

A living plant brings hope, growth and life to an area. Feng Shui experts believe plants bring vibrant "Chi" to a space. Chi is known to be a universal energy which permeates from everything around us. Plants can help to attract and nourish the flow of Chi in your home, which will force negativity from your space.

A dead plant, on the other hand, is not good. It slows and even stops the flow of positive energy. Remove any dead plants, flowers, or other bio debris from your home to help ensure spirits do not linger unwanted. Clutter, messes and trash can also promote negativity, so be sure to remove those from your home as well.

Salt LampSalt Lamps

Salt lamps produce negativity charged ions, which is the same effect you get after a rainstorm or a visit to the beach. It's a "feel good" type of energy. They're great for clearing the energy in areas with electronics, heaters, and anything that emits bad mojo. They're available in both electric lamp as well as candle versions.


This is probably an obvious one, but allowing the sunlight to shine in a space provides an incredible amount of positive energy. Spirits tend to migrate to less traveled, dark spaces in order to find privacy or to avoid the living. Sunshine forces spirits to evacuate an area and seek other locations.

Don't Search for the Darkness

The Universe is a funny place. Focusing on something can make it a reality. The movie and book "The Secret" is based on the concept that you can have anything, do anything, be anything as long as you believe and focus on it. If you think about it, this is an incredibly powerful tool, and some people use this power without even realizing it. Constantly searching for ghosts, seeking out the "hey, did you just see that", or listening for strange sounds will invite those things into your home. Even if they're not spirits, they're still being created through the power of The Secret. Instead of focusing on what may be in your home, why not focus on a happy and joyous living space.

Also, if you're a paranormal investigator, you should never investigate your own home. Again, it goes back to the concept of "The Secret", plus, it's not healthy. Go someplace else and do that.

Love and LaughterHappy Family

While we're talking about happy living spaces, it's important that everyone in your home have a good attitude. Circumstances don't always allow for that, but it's important for everyone to head in that direction. Negative spirits love negative homes. The feed on the negativity and grow more powerful because of it. Avoid negative music/books/movies and keep family conversations positive.

As you can see, there are any different methods to help keep your home free of negative spirits. Take the time and use these methods to provide a healthy, happy home for you and your family.

Rick Loe is the Founder and Director of the Pensacola Paranormal Society located in Pensacola, FL. Rick reviews hundreds of images per month and assists user's with their paranormal problems. Rick can be contacted at

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