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Haunted Mortuary Psychic Report

The Haunted Mortuary Investigation
New Orleans, Louisiana
January 19, 2008

Investigating Psychic: Sharon Renae

Being an intuitive medium, I can share my experiences, however I know that they may or may not be validated by scientific evidence, or the personal experience of others.  I value integrity and spiritual truth, and I always recommend personal discernment be used as to my credibility when sharing information.

When I go into an investigation, I go in cold with as little information as possible, whereas the rest of the group in their excitement about an investigation will do as much research as possible – I do none.  My preparation is based on meditation and rest before going to the location.

I was very surprised to find spiritual contact before the investigation technically began.  And how it slowed down once the investigation started and then picked up again. 

Within twenty minutes of our arrival I had interaction with two spirits.  During the course of the night I had seen or interacted with 6 – 7* (I will explain further in the report)

1.         A gentleman, I acknowledged him to be one of the former morticians/funeral director (insert appropriate title, as I lack it).  He was dressed handsomely in black suit, the coat was long.  He had a black top hat, and trimmed facial hair.  He stood at the landing on the stairs and asked if he could help me.  Then he proceeded to ask me if I was there to view Mr. Anderson.  Several times during the investigation we would make contact and most times he would ask the same questions.  So – it is my wondering if he died while Mr. Anderson was being viewed – or certainly before Mr. Anderson’s burial.  He seemed very proud of his position and duties, taking great care and professionalism in his manners and response.

He seemed to give no heed to the little girl (addressed as number 2.) I encountered, but he did have interactions twice with a drinking black man (number 4) who appeared – first upstairs and then down stairs later in the evening.  On the first encounter with the black man- The gentleman was very upset that a black man was upstairs in an area where he wasn’t suppose to be and the mortician was very adamant about his departure.  It happened again later downstairs where he made it very clear this man wasn’t suppose to be there or present at that time.

*When taken on the tour prior to the investigation as we entered the embalming room there was a mortician in the left corner of the room, arms crossed, scowl on his face – his persona seemed to me to be very different from the gentleman I encountered.  If it was the same man, then it definitely showed how we wear different hats based on what we are doing.  While the man upstairs was kind, and respectful, the energy downstairs was somber and focused.  I did get a very strong impression that he took pride in his work and considered the embalming process the final act of honoring our physical existence.  He gave me very clear images that this space should be honored and not desecrated.  I got the strong feeling that he did not like how the room was being portrayed.  (Not to interfere in how you choose to do your business, but I think you may even fine more activity if it was set up as it once was.)

2.         There was a little girl, somewhere between the ages of 5-8.  What I could see of her was dirty blonde, light brown hair – white gown with lace around the neck.  Peeking out from the same stairwell as the gentleman.  She held a cat – that she really appeared to love – named “Miss Daisy.”  The cat seemed to be as active as the child – jumping out of her arms to hide under the stairs.  This child was very animated and talkative.  She said her name was what sounded like “Esther Elizabeth.”  This is what we have first recorded on, but later I tell colleagues her name was “Agnes Elizabeth.”  If you said both names underwater they would sound very similar.  It could be I heard both names one being the girls name and perhaps the other being someone else.

She was very out-going, skipping and singing.  She said there was a lady named Madelene (like Eileen) that took care of her.  I did not sense this woman’s presence so I do not know if this woman was there in spirit or if she took care of her while she was alive.  She was very active from the stairwell – and the two rooms on the right of it.  She was happy to have the doll.  She told me she was allowed upstairs, and on the main level when she behaved, but she was not allowed downstairs because that is where “Papa” worked. She was anxious to show me where she lived upstairs and like any child she didn’t want to wait until it was time for us to go up. She was very persistent.  She posed with me for pictures, asked lots of questions. But seemed to be very content with her existence between worlds.  She said there had been a fire there and where she showed me her room upstairs appeared to be above the area where Lance had shown me residue of a previous fire at the end of the investigation.  So I had thought maybe that is how she had died – but Lance said it was in a carriage accident – but she went on and on about a fire.   Would check the possibility of deaths that may have occurred with it.

When we did go upstairs – she was excited to show me where she lived with her parents and brother  Davey or Danny.  At one point she put her hands up to her mouth and giggled – she said – “They’re talkin’ to me down there and they don’t knows that I’m not there.”  I told her to go a talk with them for a while, that I would be okay.  At that time John and Kathy did get interesting orb and lights on the stairwell.  At the end of the night when I was going to take the tall she tugged on the leg and began to cry.  Well did I feel like an Indian giver.  I promptly asked if I could leave it there.

3.         Again at the stairwell there was a third present, a woman in long dress, hair pinned up, but she was always more faint and remained out of reach.  I had no other contact with her other than brief glimpses. 

4.         When we went upstairs during the tour I encountered the most interesting of spirits.  He made me laugh deep and hard.  He was a black man that asked if I would like to offer him any  “Libations.”  He would be mor’ en happy to work fo’em.  He seemed to be a pleasant fellow.  He followed me around the whole time I was up there the first time.  I encountered him again downstairs – twice the mortician got after him for being there and bothering the lady.  I saw him once downstairs and he wanted me to know this was no proper place for a lady. 

5 and 6.             In the basement I encountered two vagrants in passing – they rushed by me covering their faces hoping to go unnoticed.  They appeared to be the most unhappy and hungry, so I did call angels to attend them.  If they paid attention or not I do not know.             

The vagrants interacted together.  The mortician did interact with the black fellow but the girl and the man and the woman did not show any acknowledgement of the other.

January 24, 2008

Sharon Renae is a professional psychic residing in Navarre Florida. She holds weekly channeling sessions and is available for private readings. For more information contact her at 850-939-3806 or

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