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Haunted Mortuary

Pensacola Paranormal Society Investigation

Investigation Date / Times:
January 20th, 2008 / 12 midnight - 3am

The Haunted Mortuary
4800 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA

Points of Contact:
Daena Smoller, Lance Hock
1-504-483-2350, 1-877-669-3327

Investigators Present:
Rick, Sharon, John, Tamela, Kristine, and Kathy

Environment Conditions
Temperature: 30's - 40's
Moon Phase: Full Moon
Weather: Windy, cold with occasional light drizzle.

Location Notes:

The building being investigated was in the process of being remodeled. Power and water were on, but the building was stripped down to the stud. Because of the remodeling, there was dust and building supplies everywhere. Several windows were being rebuilt and covered with plastic tarp which would make "crinkling" sounds due to the outside wind. The unusually cold weather kept the team from venturing outside into the cemetery. During the investigation, the lights and furnace were turned off.

Investigation Notes:

The name, The Haunted Mortuary, should give you a good indication of what to expect in this 1800's building. The Pensacola Paranormal Society was honored to have the opportunity to investigate this paranormal landmark located in New Orleans.

Our investigation began a month prior to our trip. John had contacted the folks at the Haunted Mortuary through their MySpace page and eventually coordinated our excursion over the phone. Daena and Lance, members of the Haunted Mortuary staff, were exceptionally helpful with the arrangements and also suggested several hotels in the area.

The Haunted Mortuary lived up to it's name. As soon as we had arrived at the building and began setting up equipment, Sharon, our lead psychic, was immediately communicating with a ghost of a young girl named "Esther Elizabeth." This contact continued off and on throughout the night as Esther would be at various locations throughout the building. See Sharon's account of her interaction with the ghosts of the Haunted Mortuary.

Our equipment included a DVR with 3 IR cameras located on each floor of the building. The first was position on the main floor facing the main set of stairs. The second camera was located in the basement's Embalming room, and the third was located on the third floor near the back stairwell facing towards the front of the building. These locations would maximize our use of the cameras and were centered on the areas which we felt would provide the most activity. One hand held Digital Video Recorder was situated on the main floor positioned towards the crawlspace of the middle stairwell. One Digital Voice Recorder was placed in the Embalming Room. Each member of the team also carried their own Digital Voice Recorder.

With everything ready and the team warmed up we began our investigation at around 1am.

We broke up into three teams, with each team taking a separate floor to investigate.

EMF readings (more info on EMF detectors) throughout the building were higher than usual, although the removal of the drywall and ceiling materials may account for the high readings. Readings in the main floor and basement area ranged from 0.0 to 0.9, and the third floor had readings of 0.0 to 1.9. It should be noted that the third floor southwest side of the building is where the power line connects to the Mortuary. There were several spikes on the third floor during the investigation.

Video and photos recorded many orbs and/or dust particles in the building. None of the orbs provided a light source, although many of the orbs were extremely solid. One of the more interesting occurrences was that many of the team members were able to capture photos of orbs on cue. Of particular interest, were photos of "Esther". During Sharon's conversation with the entity, we were able to capture several excellent photos of orbs in the location Sharon saw "Esther."

The real hot item in the mortuary turned out to be EVP activity. Both stationary recorders and hand held recorders picked up unexplainable sounds. After reviewing all of the EVP sounds with the investigators, we concluded that they did not belong to any team member, and that there was no explainable scientific reason for the sounds.

Several of the sounds seem to be associated with the ghosts which Sharon had been communicating with. One of the EVPs appears to be saying "Wanna Chocolate?" followed by some mumbling sounds. It had the distinct voice of an older black gentlemen. This was near the time when Sharon was speaking to a man who wanted "libations" and Sharon identified the ghost as an older black gentlemen. The voice of the young girl "Esther" appears to have been captured in the form of an "Ow Ow" which appeared while two of our investigators were talking.

The group was also able to capture several more disturbing sounds. EVPs of moans and groans were captured in the Embalming room located in the basement, as well as some type of whistle. One of the more interesting sounds we captured was in the form of a whisper. The words appear to be "I can hear you. Get out."

Our group encountered many personal experiences which could not be scientifically corroborated. These personal experiences included:

- Psychic communication with appartitions
- Fully charged batteries going dead
- Dizziness, vertigo, and nausea in the basement
- Feelings of apparitions throughout the building
- Sounds of foot steps on the third floor
- Loud bangs and slams in the Embalming room

We finished our investigation at 3am. While we did not capture any strong video evidence, we did record many excellent EVPs. Our psychics were able to communicate with many different ghosts in the building, and much of the information collected from the entities was corroborated with the Mortuary staff. It's our opinion that the Haunted Mortuary does indeed contain paranormal activity and we look forward to our next investigation there.

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