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Haunted Mortuary
EVP Evidence

These recordings were taken at various locations throughout the Mortuary.

Kristine asks "Did you live here at one time?...Yes"    

Voice of small child saying "ow ow" The voice of the investigators can be heard prior to the "ow ow".

The sound of a whistle. Whistle 1. Whistle 2. Captured on two seperate Digital Recorders.

Humming or singing in the Embalming room. There's quite a bit of noise, but definite notes can be heard in the background.

A Groan in the Embalming room.

Another Groan while John is talking.

The voice of what sounds like an older Black Gentleman. The voice seems to say "Wanna Chocolate," followed by mumbling or groaning.

A whispering voice that seems to say "I can hear you. Get out."


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