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Haunted Mortuary

The Haunted Mortuary is located a few miles north of the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA. Surrounded by cemetery plots on 2 sides, the atmosphere is perfect for anyone looking for a spooky investigation.

The Mortuary itself is a 3 story, 14000 sqft building complete with basement, creepy attic, and period columns adorning the front of the building. During our first investigation, we were welcomed by a managere of Halloween decor and props, many of which included body parts and blood - a welcome addition to any paranormal investigation.

The Haunted Mortuary offers tours, overnight excursions and a slew of other Paranormal events. Contact the Haunted Mortuary for more information. Additional information can be found on their MySpace page.


Haunted Mortuary Investigations

January 20th, 2008 Investigation Report

Media Evidence: Photos, EVP, Video
Psychic Report


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