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Coon Hill Cemetery

Pensacola Paranormal Society Investigation

{Originally Printed in "The Light"}

This month, we adventured to Coon Hill Cemetery.  This remote cemetery is located in a hidden area in northern Santa Rosa County between Chumuckla and Jay.  Surrounded by thick timberlands, the area is a perfect location for a bit of spirit photography as there electricity is scarce and there is very little traffic.  The cemetery itself is approximately 2 acres, surrounded by a 3-foot high concrete wall.  Located within the cemetery are approximately 50-75 headstones, and over 250 graves are believed to be buried there.  There are a number of confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery, as well as Florida’s first senator.  Many of the headstones date back to the 1700’s.

Three of us went to the cemetery to explore the mysterious orbs that sometimes appear in photos.  This type of photography, sometimes referred to as spirit photography, involves taking pictures of areas, which are believed to be ripe with energy of souls who have passed.  Photographs taken in these areas seem to have the ability to capture images of energy balls, where our eyes are unable to see them.  Similar to how dogs are able to hear high-pitched sounds than humans, the film or electronic mechanism are able to capture objects we are unable to see ourselves. 

We began our trip while the sun was still out, since we weren’t exactly sure where we were going.  After a few passes through the area, we finally found the elusive cemetery.

As we approached the front gate, we immediately felt an energy force…almost a wall, pushing us back.  It was clear that someone or something did not want visitors.  We performed our prayers, and continued into the cemetery.

Our equipment included an EMF detector, which is used to detect electro-magnetic fields, or electrical energy.  The detector we used was the K-2.  This device has 5 lights, which indicate the strength of the field near the device, as well as a handy button for turning the power on.  Pass the detector through an orb, and all five of the lights will show.  While walking near one gravesite, the detector gave a 5 light reading for nearly 10 seconds.  Very exciting!

While exploring the area, Sharon and Taffney experienced several strange occurrences:  Sounds of footsteps in the grass that also moved, sticks being flung from outside of the cemetery, cold spots, and unexplainable sounds.  After several hours on site, we were told that it was time to leave because the not-so-nice spirits were on their way.  Not wishing to upset the spirits, we agreed and packed up.

This was truly an exciting evening in a cemetery, and look forward to visiting Coon Hill again.

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