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Blakeley State Park

Pensacola Paranormal Society Investigation

February 2010

Blakeley State Park, Spanish Fort, AL
34745 State Hwy 225

Points of Contact: 
Jo Ann Flirt – Director,
Jim – Ranger

Investigators Present: 
Rick, John, Alex, Evan, Chris A., and Denise N.

Environment Conditions
Temperature: Low 40's 
Weather:  Clear 
Other: No moquitoes, but plenty of birds and other ground dwelling creatures. 

Our investigation of the Blakeley State park covered the areas of the old Civil War Battlefield, ghost town, and Native American burial mounds.

We did not receive any evidence in the Civil War battlefield area. This was our first stop and it was still day light with little activity. We noticed that overhead power lines which had been there before were no longer present, so EMF (Eletro-Magnetic Field Readings) readings that we'd recevied in past investigations were not present.

We continued our investigation in the ghost town and followed the back trails through the Native American burial mounds, and then circle back around to our vehicles in the ghost town.

While in the Native American burial ground area, as well as areas known to have contained the streets of Blakeley, we received odd EMF readings. The readings seemed to react to the questions our investigations asked the sprits. Our equipment included K-II EMF as well as MEL. A search of the area and maps have shown that there are no electrical lines or power stations nearby, and the EMF readings were detected by several K-IIs in different locations that were hundreds of feet apart.

We did not record any EVP audio recordings during our investigation, and photos taken of the area were tainted by humidity orbs.

Our investigation of Blakeley State Park was very interesting as we're unable to determine the source of the high EMF readings in the burial mound area as well as the abandoned streets of the Blakeley ghost town. We're looking forward to future investigations that may provide additional evidence of the paranormal at Fort Blakeley, AL.

Evidence: Video


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