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Blakeley State Park

Pensacola Paranormal Society Investigation

December 8th, 2007

Blakeley State Park, Spanish Fort, AL
34745 State Hwy 225

Points of Contact: 
Jo Ann Flirt – Director,
Jim – Ranger

Investigators Present: 
Lora, Kevin, John, Tamela, Christine, Lisa, Evan, Sharon and Rick

Environment Conditions
Temperature:  Upper 60’s – low 70’s
Moon Phase:  New Moon
Weather:  Fog for the majority of the evening.  Less on higher elevations. 
Other:  Mosquitoes and other flying critters were everywhere.

Our investigation of Blakeley Start Park began at the Civil War Battlefield.  The Civil War Battlefield was the location of the last major Civil War battle, so we felt a good coverage of this area was merited. 

EMF Readings (Eletro-Magnetic Field Readings) of the Eastern, or Union Side, of the field indicated some activity near the headquarters.  Unfortunately, high-power lines located directly over the field were affecting these readings.  Because of this, these readings were compromised and could not be used as proof of paranormal activity.

Several members of the team had personal events on the battlefield.  Several psychics picked up soldiers roaming the area and conducting their business as usual.  One spirit displayed intelligent actions as they attempted to understand what our researchers were doing and inspecting our equipment.

On the Western side of the field, or Confederate Side, members of the team heard voices in the woods located further west of the bunker.  One psychic in the group witnessed a shadow walk behind a tree and then vanish.  No photos or video of this were captured.

After completing our investigation of the Civil War Battlefield, the group moved to the old Cemetery located outside of the park just across the street on Highway 225.  No unusual activity was monitored in this area.

Our investigation continued at the Blakeley Ghost Town.  One of our researchers was scanning an area for EMF readings when her equipment began indicating a strong EMF presence.  The reading continued for almost 20 seconds and then dissipated.

During the investigation of Blakeley State Park, the group captured many photos of Orbs and several photos of an unknown orange light.  Our team continues to research these photos to determine the cause of the orange light, and will provide an addendum to this report.

We did not capture any activity on Video or EVP noise (Electronic Voice Phenomenon.)

While our investigation of Blakeley State Park did not produced any hard, physical evidence, we feel that additional investigations may turn up paranormal activity.


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