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Bellview Biltmore Resort
EVP Evidence

The following is a collection of audio clips we captured during our investigation at the Bellview Biltmore Resort in Clearwater, FL.

Please note that some of the files on this page are big and may take a few minutes to download. If you're unable to play these, please select the "download file as" link to listen.


This EVP clip occurred in one of our team member's hotel room after our investigation had completed. He had set his voice recorder to recorder while he slept, and captured some interesting activity. From his report:

"Something woke me up abruptly sometime in the night. I then noticed a wailing sound. I turned off the A/C and then hunted the sound down. It was in my kit. One of my walkie talkies had gotten drained again and I had shut both of them off. I actually had to pull the batteries out of it to get the walkie talkie to shut up. I then went back to bed (you'll hear me say, "What the fuck?" at the end before I turn the A/C back on.)

Someone yelled at me. It wasn't the walkie talkie, it was closed in the case. It was also previously off. It's also not my voice. It furthermore sounded angry.

(download file as .mp3)



This clip was recorded during the investigation. The voice in the EVP appears to be saying "No I did not."

(download file as .mp3)



The voice in the EVP appears to be crying out "mommy."

(download file as .mp3)



During an EVP session in one of the hotel rooms, the voice says "Go Away."

(download file as .wma)


An investigator asks "Do you work here?"

(download file as .wma)



This EVP appears to be the voice of a young child, but there were no children around and no TV or radio was playing.

(download file as .wma)



What's your favorite color? The response is very, very faint.

(download file as .mp3)


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