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Bagdad Cemetery

Pensacola Paranormal Society Investigation

June 21st, 2008

Bagdad Cemetery
Bagdad, FL

Investigators Present:
Alex, Anabel, Tamela, Kristine, John, Angie, Tory, Kim, Jose, Sherri, Sharon, Rick

Guests: Nicole

Environment Conditions
Moon Phase: Full Moon
Weather: Average temp was 77 to 79 degrees after the sun went down. Low humidity. No breeze or wind at the time. No rain, but cloudy.
EMF Base Readings: 0.0 to 0.3

Pensacola Paranormal Society’s investigation of the Bagdad Cemetery began at 7:00pm and ran till 10:00pm. It was a warm Florida summer night, and the air was heavy with humidity.

Our investigation included the use of digital cameras, EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) detectors, and audio recording devices. In addition to the scientific equipment, our team also included several psychics.

We broke into three teams with a different team investigating an area of the cemetery. All teams switched areas every 45 minutes.

As we were investigating outside in Florida, the humidity was extremely high and caused many false positive orbs and other pecularities in our photos. One interesting photo incuded an odd, brown blob which may be in motion. We're unsure of what this object is. At the time this photo was taken, one of the team psychics felt she was being called to a plot where "Mr. Busby" had been laid to rest. She felt he was telling her to fix his flowers. The photo was taken as she was heading to inspect his plot.

EMF readings of the cemetery showed a several spikes along the northern most road near the west end. In the area near a wooden headstone marked "MALONE", our EMF meter rose from 0.2 up to 2.4 and stayed steady for 5-10 seconds. Readings from K2 meters also showed bursts of short activity in this same area. Several of our groups reported similar activity, and we feel this area merits further research and investigation.

Several EVPs were recorded during our stay. The area was plagued by ambient noises: crickets, birds, and other insects were a constant sound in all recordings.

One psychic in the group reported sensing an image of a blond (dirty blond, almost brown) haired girl dancing around the tree in the sunshine. She was wearing a simple blue dress and was on her way home from school. It should be noted that on a previous investigation (4 years ago) one of our other psychics reported a young girl in the same area. Neither psychics had discussed this prior to the investigation.

Our investigation of Bagdad Cemetery was a bit of a surpise, as this trip was supposed to be about training. We did not expect to find any paranormal activity.

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