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Cleansing Your Space
A Heavy Duty Method for Removing Spirits

When we’re dirty we take a bath, washing our body and our hair.  When our house is messy we clean it up, we wash dishes, sweep, mop, vacuum and dust.  And afterwards we should feel better about the process and everything from our hair to the countertops shine of cleanliness.  But, sometimes we don’t feel better.  Sometimes it is like the gloomy gray cloud is still hanging over us, dimming the shine and the happiness that is struggling to be there.

We should pay attention to this message this feeling.  Do we feel good when we are outside our home, or do we feel bad or depressed no matter where we are?

As you house can accumulate dust balls under the furniture and in the corners, our body can also accumulate dust balls within its energy, and some of the dust balls stay with us forever while others have shed themselves in other places, like your home, your car or even your friends house.  They don’t need to stay there, they don’t need to be there, they need to be cleansed away.

The aura is the body’s life shield, a protector of sorts and an indicator of health, happiness and welfare.  All living things have an aura.  When people get high on alcohol or drugs or even extreme medications it weakens the aura.  The aura expands itself to protect you as you are “out of body” and in doing so it becomes more like a spider web stretching to cover the part of you that is “high” leaving gaps or holes from its stretching.  This is where the danger comes in.  When there are gaps in the aura it is an opening for other negative energies to attach into that space.  Why would only negative energies attach?  Because positive energies are light based and conscious of the divine process.

Once these negative energies attach to you they stay with you until they are removed, and they serve as a conduit for other negative energies to attach.  It then becomes a dustball type situation.  Those dustballs that are on the outside of the aura may “brush off” into other locations and take up housekeeping in those places.

Is there a person in your life that you felt had a significant personality change after a night of drinking or drug use?  This is an indication of a dustball attachment.  It is not an easy process to remove dustballs from an individual if they have been with them for a long period of time.  I assist in removing them with people on a regular basis, and I’ve encountered the simple energy to the scary tazmanian devil type.  I have also been give the nix by my guides when the person is not going to change their lifstyle.  The process takes time and energy and my guys don’t feel I should waste my time if the individual is not going to take responsibility.

Since removal of dustballs from the aura is more complex I will address this in next month’s article.  But in the mean time here are some important holiday tips: Don’t get drunk, or use mind altering drugs, yes that includes marijuana! 

If we do a lot of arguing with our partner everyday in the living room it builds up debris of negative energies that seem to linger in that spot.  Or if we cry daily in our bedroom dustballs or sadness begin to build. 

If any of these examples apply to you it is time to cleanse your space.  It is also good to do at least twice a year if your life is pretty calm, like spring-cleaning for the soul of our house.  This is also good to do if you are moving into a new home or apartment, since you don’t know for sure what the prior tenants/owners or builders did.

Items you need:

  • Epsom Salts
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Aluminum Pie Pans for each room in the house (yes each room)
  • A Towel (and a piece of wood, like a chopping block or a brick, these are optional but you are starting a fire and it will help to eliminate your panic of a burned ring on your carpet or floor.
  • A long lighter
  • A bell or windchimes

    You are going to start a fire so it is important to do this away from curtains or bedspreads.  It is important you only do one room at a time so you can keep a watchful eye on the fire.  It is imperative that once you get started you complete all rooms.  This is not a “quick” process this may take three to four hours.
    If you have pet birds it is important to remove them from the inside of the house these ingredients are harmful to them.

    If you think you might live in a haunted house this is an excellent way to find out.  If there is an attached spirit it won’t let the fire burn. 

    I start with a prayer – mine is basic, use whatever you feel is appropriate, or feel free to use my prayer.  “Mother, Father, God, I command that all negative energy and energy that is not condusive to my well-being be removed through this process.  If there are any attached spirits to this home, I evoke Archangel Michael to use his sword to remove then and their tie to this place.  I ask for your protection and guidance in the process.  Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done!”

    Open all interior doors and cabinets within the room
    Place the chopping block on the floor
    Fold the towel in half horizontally, then vertically, then vertically fold it in thirds
    Place it on the block
    Place the aluminum pie pan on the towel
    Pour in approximately two cups of Epsom Salt
    Pour in Rubbing Alcohol until it saturates the Epsom Salts really well, you don’t want the salt swimming in the alcohol.
    Say your Prayer
    Light the salts and alcohol mixture.

    The more negative the energy the higher and/or longer it will burn.  Rooms may burn three minutes to an hour.  It goes until it is done.

    When finished go to next room.  When all rooms are completed take the bell or the windchime and ring it from the back of the house going into each room and into the front of the house and out the front door (or what ever door is used most).  The alcohol smell should dissipate within the hour.  Your house is now cleansed!

    Sharon Renae is a professional psychic residing in Pensacola Florida. She holds monthly channeling sessions and is available for private readings. For more information contact her at 850-469-0605 or

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