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Did You Just Feel That?

During a recent private home investigation, our client reported that objects moved by themselves when no-one was in the room. At other times, their fine china would vibrate and scuttle around in the dining room cabinet. No one was near the cabinet. No one was moving. Not even the dog. The occupents were concerned that maybe the china was haunted, or maybe just the dining room. The house was an older home, with a raised wooden floor. Most of the time nothing out of the ordinary would be happening so there wasn't much concern about what was happening. As time went on, though, other strange things began happening so they decided to contact us and conduct an China Cabinetinvestigation.

While many of the things they reported to us were definitely paranormal in nature and did not have a scientific explanation, the dancing china did have a simple explanation.

Their home was located near a busy road in Pensacola. The road isn't 100% perfect, and contains bumps, grooves and a few small pot holes new their home. While the speed of the road was set for 25 MPH, it was a side road that had a lot of traffic as people used this to avoid traffic on the larger nearby roads, so they had a tendancy to exceed the speed limit. As the road wasn't designed for heavy traffic at high speeds, the vehicles's tires had a tendnecy to vibrate and cause a slight tremor in the house, especially in the room nearest the road which was the dining room.

Street PotholeWe've experienced this same phenomenon in other locations. We've had reports of vibrating floors in almost a rhythmic beat, bangs and groans coming from the walls, and even the occasional creak and crack. Older homes made of wood, with raised floors seems to be most prone to this type of activity. New homes with brick walls that set on concrete can still be affected by heavy, loud traffic areas.

Other causes for shaking and moving objects can include electric appliances that contain motors and compressors that turn on and off at different times, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and heaters, fans, vaccuums...anything that can cause a vibration. Sewage lines, water pipes, rain gutters, and simple foot traffic through the house can also cause vibration and make things slow move out of place.

To solve the dancing tea cup problem, try to set items and furniture against the wall where there may be more stability under the floor. In china cabinets, try setting a small cloth under each item in the cabinet to help keep it stationary. Heavier cabinets or built-in shelves may also help keep things from moving.

Hopefully you won't experience a mini dish ballet, but if you do, look for explanations of why the floor might vibrate first, then begin exploring the possibility of a haunting.

Rick Loe is the founder of the Pensacola Paranormal Society.

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