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Choosing a Psychic
How to select a reputable intuitive
By Sharon Renae

So you want to go see a psychic. Maybe it’s just for fun, or maybe you feel you need some words of encouragement and inspiration. How do you know a good one from a bad one? Well, unless you have a lot of friends with recommendations, it is probably going to be trial and error.

Before choosing a psychic, it’s important to understand that being intuitive is not a profession one decides to be. I would most describe it as being what we are. And what we are is the direction our life has taken. We do not look at it as though it is a game, but, there are times when I have been offered a “gig” to play at a party or an event. A dependable psychic, or one who takes their work serious, typically doesn’t play around with their work, or provide readings to intoxicated people. (You’d never see a doctor or lawyer entertaining at a party.)

A good psychic will not tell you they will give you more information for more money. They will not tell you they can do a spell or enchantment or bring your spouse back to life for more money. A good psychic will not send you an e-mail or letter telling you they have imperative information for you and to make an appointment. If, and it is a BIG IF, they get information that you should know they will just go ahead and call you and give you the information. They will not create chaos, and will not give you the lottery numbers.   A reputable psychic will not tell you your house is haunted and then offer to cleanse it for a fee. This is a scam - don't fall for it.

Yes, they may tell you something you don’t want to hear, such as; “take responsibility for your actions,” or “stop drinking and driving.”

A good psychic will not let you think your future is carved in stone. They will tell you that your future lies with you and the choices you make.

A good psychic believes in the divine, and that it is where the information comes from. A good psychic sees themselves as a conduit, not as the one with the answers. They don’t do it for fun.

So, what does a good psychic do?

A psychic who provides unprovable facts is not a reputable person. Information presented should be plausable, provable, and based on reality. Use your discernment and common sense before believing what they say.   Depending on the type of reading you get, a good psychic will highlight your positive attributes, your talents and your abilities. Make you aware of your choices and that you do indeed have them. They will also confront you on a very personal basis if you are doing things to abuse or cause yourself and others harm. They may cover your health, life and career aspects. They will encourage you to love and believe in yourself. They may not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear, such as forgiveness, letting go or taking responsibility. They will address things that they wouldn’t or couldn’t know, in other words they will hit the nail on the head. Future information is based on how you are living your life at the moment, and you have the power to change it based on your choices.

Personality is another important aspect to selecting a psychic. Before spending the money, spend a few minutes talking with the person on the phone before you commit. It’s important that you trust this person as you’re allowing them into your space, and it’s also important that you feel comfortable talking with them

Sharon Renae is a professional psychic residing in Pensacola Florida. She holds weekly channeling sessions and is available for private readings. For more information contact her at 850-469-0605 or

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