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Black Salt

Black salt is a great tool for repulsing and destroying negative energy as well as ethereal entities.  Used in Wicca and Voodoo, black salt has many different uses for a variety of situations.  It’s primarily used for protection, but can also be used in extreme situations such as exorcisms and banishments.

Different methods exist for its use.  The most basic is to sprinkle black salt along the outside of your house or along your property line.  This will help to repulse or force out evil or negative energy.  Another method of protection is to place a small bowl of black salt under your bed that will help dispel psychic vampires or negative energy while you sleep.  Black Salt

Some objects can have negative energy attached to them.  These are sometimes referred to as possessed possessions.  If you’ve ever felt like something has an energy or entity attatched to it, such as a chair or other piece of furniture, or even something as basic as a piece of silverware, it’s possible to remove the negativity from the object.  Simply shower the object in black salt.  Of course this operation may not be successful for some tougher attachments.

Black salt can be used in the workplace to help force away annoying or pestering co-workers, and it’s also great for jealous or negative people.

If you’re in a situation where black salt is not available, sea salt can be used or if that’s not available, regular table salt can help alleviate the problem.

Once you’ve finished with the salt, be sure to discard it as it should only be used once. 


Rick Loe is the founder of the Pensacola Paranormal Society.

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