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Welcome to,
an online source of information on Paranormal activity. Don't miss the following features of our spooky site:

Our investigations into the paranormal are researched and documented to provide the most accurate account of events that take place during our investigation. Ghosts, apparitions, spirits, and other unknown entities. See our Investigations area to get all the details!

Hauntings are our speciality! Is your home troubled by an unknown entity, strange happenings, or unexplained sounds? We have information on how to help clear those pesky poltergeists, and if you need more help, we do house calls. The Paranormal Info will give you more information, or if you need additional assistance, see the Need Assistance pages.

Getting started in ghost hunting can be a little overwhelming. Our Favorite Haunts can help get you started in your exploration of the paranormal.




Keeping Your Space Clean of Spirits
Simple techniques to help keep the spirits
away from your home.

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Choosing a Psychic
How to choose a reputable psychic. Beware the psychic who tells you your house is haunted and charges a "cleansing fee."  Read More

Did You Just Feel That?
Is your fine china part of a secret paranormal ballet? There might be more to it that you thought.
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Psychic Investigations into the Paranormal

The Latest News

New Article: Did You Just Feel That?
July 12, 2013
Why does Aunt Judy's antique dishes keep moving in the cabinet? Take a look at these simple explanations and judge for yourself.

New Article: Keeping Your Space Clean of Spirits
Nov 14, 2012
We're often asked how we keep our home clean of spirits. This article covers the basics for keeping your home clean of negative spirits.

New Article: Smartphone Ghosts
April 4, 2011
Smartphones are a leap in technology. Unfortunately, they have also introduced software that allows anyone to easily create images of fake paranormal activity. This article describes techniques you can use to uncover the truth behind the photo.

Updated: Favorite Local Haunts
September 14, 2010
We've added some local haunts that we've investigated, as well as a few which have been reported to be haunted but we have not yet researched.



Recommended Equipment

We're often asked what type of equipment we use for our investigations. Below are a few items that may be of interest for your investigations.

  • The Mel-8704 EMF Meter is one of the best tools for detecting spirits as well as monitor temperature. Also included is a light source.
  • Leathermall has been making our signature side pull leather jacket shearling
    coat with the remarkable quality leather jackets.
  • The K-II EMF Meter is a staple of any paranormal investigation. It's simple to use, accurate and lightweight. It's also fairly rugged and our first meter is still in operation after many years of service.
  • Smudging is a Native American ritual that has been used for many years. Dried herbs such as cedar, White Sage and sweetgrass are dried and then bundled together tightly to form a "smudge stick."

- Best of luck with your investigation!


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